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Answer Key and Solutions Manual
1. Solutions Manual in Management Consultancy by Ma. Elenita Cabrera (2005 Edition)
2. Answer key in Advanced Accounting by Guerrero (2009 Edition)
3. Answer key in Management Accounting Concepts and Applications by Cabrera (2005 Edition)
4. Answer key in Management Advisory Services by Agamata (2007 Edition)
5. Answer Key in Management Consultancy Principles & Engagements by Cabrera
6. Solutions Manual in Managerial Accounting by Garrison (2006 Edition)
7. Solutions Manual in Management Accounting by Atkinson (2003 Edition)
8. Solutions Manual in Advanced Accounting by Baker (8th - 2008 Edition)
9. Solutions Manual in Cost Accounting by William K. Carter
10. Solutions Manual in Cost Accounting by Horngren
11. Answer Key in Management Consultancy by Agamata (2010 Edition)

NF JPIA Mockboard Examinations (2011 Edition)

Foreign Reviewers
1. CPA Review Materials in Business Environment and Concepts by Becker CPA Review (2009)
2. Textbook in Cost Accounting by Raiborn (4th - 2011 Edition)
3. Textbook in Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Brealy (2001 Edition)
4. Testbanks in Advanced Accounting by Fischer
5. Testbanks in Certified Management Accountant (CMA) applicable to CPA Board Exam (2009 Edition)
6. Financial Analysis Testbank by SrikatData (2003 Edition)
7. Presentations in Cost Accounting by Raiborn (6th - 2009 Edition)
8. Instructional Guide in Managerial Accounting by Garrison (2006 Edition)
9. Testbank in Advanced Accounting by Beams (10th - 2009 Edition)
10. Testbanks in Advanced Accounting by Fischer (9th Edition)
11. Testbank in Financial Management by Brigham (2000 Edition) 
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