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Business Law and Taxation

Discussions in Business Law by Atty. Johnson H. Ong, CPA, MBA
1. Obligations and Contracts
2. Partnership and Corporation Law
3. Negotiable Instruments Law
4. Sales, Pledge, Agency and Mortgage

Recordings of CPAR Discussions
1. Business Law
2. Taxation
3. Negotiable Instruments Law

Discussions in Taxation by Atty. Almanzor Macmod, CPA

1. Tax Sessions Part 1
2. Tax Sessions Part 2
3. Tax Sessions Part 3
4. Tax Sessions Part 4
5. Outlined Discussion in Estate Taxation: Gross Estate

Audiobooks in Business Law and Taxation
1. The Corporation Code of the Philippines in Audio
2. Law on Partnership in Audio
3. The Negotiable Instruments Law in Audio
4. The Law on Sales in Audio
5. The Law on Agency in Audio
6. The Law on Credit Transactions in Audio
7. The Law on Contracts in Audio
8. The Law on Deposits in Audio
9. Aleatory Contracts in Audio
10. Compromises and Arbitrations in Audio
11. The Law on Guaranty in Audio
12. Pledge, Mortgage, and Antichresis in Audio
13. Extra-Contractual Obligations in Audio
14. The Law on Damages in Audio
15. The Law on Concurrence and Preference of Credits in Audio
16. Natural Obligations in Audio
17. Estoppel in Audio
18. The Law on Trusts in Audio
19. The Law on Barter or Exchange in Audio
20. The Law on Lease

Reviewers in PDF or Word
4. Business Law and Taxation Challenge (Resources for Quizbowlers)
5. Business Law and Taxation Quizzer (Resources for Quizbowlers)

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