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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Answer Key in Management Consultancy by Agamata (2010 Edition)

Word File/20 Chapters/English/5.75MB

Chapter 01 Overview of Management Advisory Services (MAS) by CPAs
Chapter 02 Areas of Management Advisory Services - Part 1
Chapter 03 Areas of Management Advisory Services - Part 2
Chapter 04 Professional Attributes of Management Consultants
Chapter 05 MAS Practice Standards and Ethical Considerations
Chapter 06 Organization and Management of the MAS Practice
Chapter 07 Stages of Management Consulting Engagement - Part 1
Chapter 08 Stages of Management Consulting Engagement - Part 2
Chapter 09 Project Management and Control
Chapter 10 Presentation of Engagement Reports
Chapter 11 Managing the Quality of Consulting Engagement
Chapter 12 Management of the Client Relationship
Chapter 13 Management of People Relationships
Chapter 14 Financial Forecasting
Chapter 15 Working Capital and the Financing Decision
Chapter 16 Management of Current Assets
Chapter 17 Short-Term Credit for Financing Current  Assets
Chapter 18 Long-Term Financing Decisions
Chapter 19 Sources of Intermediate and Long-Term Financing: Debt and Equity
Chapter 20 Hybrid Financing: Preference Shares, Leasing, Options, Warrants, and Convertibles
Chapter 21 Aspects of Project Development Cycle
Chapter 22 Project Feasibility Study (PFS)
Chapter 23 PFS: Project Background and Economic Aspect
Chapter 24 PFS: Technical Aspect
Chapter 25 PFS: Financial Aspect - Investment Costs
Chapter 26 PFS: Financial Aspect - Project Financing and Evaluation
Chapter 27 Computer-Based Data Processing
Chapter 28 Fundamentals of Management Information System
Chapter 29 Accounting Information System
Chapter 30 Systems Controls and Security Measures in an Accounting Information System
Chapter 31 Systems Engagement
Chapter 32 Information Systems Audit
Chapter 34 Conducting an Information Systems Audit
Chapter 35 Operational Auditing
Chapter 36 Business Process Improvement/Re-Engineering

*Author's Note: These materials are intended solely for review and academic use specifically published to help aspiring CPA Reviewees and accountancy students prepare for the Philippine Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Examinations. Copying and distributing such materials are considered violations of the copyright law and may result to legal proceedings.


  1. any update po sa review ?hehe kelangan q po ng positive vibes for review..please help me encourage myself..hahaahah hashTag-POSITIVEMINDS... :)

    1. Hi Joan, how can I help you? I hope this reply is still relevant to you.

  2. Wala ako neto and I need the PDF for Chapter 33, please update your uploads.

    1. Hi there Dante,

      Unfortunately, I'd searched for Chapter 33 but don't have a copy of it.

  3. Hi do you have solman of MAS of Agamata po? 2012 ed. ):

  4. MAS of Agamata pls! 2012 edition! 😢


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