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Thursday, August 20, 2015

MAS Preweek by CPAR (2005 Edition)

PDF File/29 Pages/English/Quizzer/CPAR

Another material to share. Although the edition is quite outdated. Topics in Management Advisory Services (MAS) do not change. The foundation and basics are always the same; except that there are new topics included in this subject which includes Information Technology Audit, among others.

This is a comprehensive quizzer that covers almost all topics tested in MAS. These topics include the following:
1. Overview of the MAS
2. Managerial Accounting
3. Cost Behavior
4. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
5. Variable costing vs. Absorption Costing
6. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
7. Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing
8. Product Pricing
9. Relevant Costing
10. Capital Budgeting
11. Master Budget
12. Financial Statement Analysis
13. Working Capital Management
14. Cost of Capital
15. Quantitative Methods
16. Activity-Based Costing
17. Quality Cost
18. Information Systems

This material could help you a lot in mastering difficult concepts taught in MAS. This subject is quite broad and not all topic will be covered during the actual CPA Board Examinations.

*Author's Note: These materials are intended solely for review and academic use specifically published to help aspiring CPA Reviewees and accountancy students prepare for the Philippine Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Examinations. Copying and distributing such materials are considered violations of the copyright law and may result to legal proceedings.

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