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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The increasing role of social networking in recruitment

What is social networking? Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are categorized as Social Networking Sites.

Most of us view or use these sites for entertainment and socializing. However, few of us know that many companies nowadays are tapping the power of social networking sites in finding prospective employees. According to a recent survey conducted by, about 45% of companies are using social networking sites to view profiles of some prospective employees.

As you might notice, several professional services firm such as Deloitte, PwC Philippines and SGV create fan pages in Facebook and professional profiles through LinkedIn. They even create promotional videos that talk about their working environment, culture and the like through YouTube.

Furthermore, some companies also provide details about scheduled job fair and even job vacancies through Facebook fanpages and Twitter. Some HR Managers use Facebook or LinkedIn to view the professional and personal background of an applicant.

Therefore, the next time you open your Facebook account through your phone, laptop or any device, try as much as possible to obtain details of possible careers that you might want to have long-term association with. There are lot of productive and valuable things you can do through Facebook aside from entertaining and socializing.

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