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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tax Sessions with Atty. Macmod Part 1

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One of my most favorite reviewers in Professional Review and Training Center (PRTC), Atty. Macmod is truly one of the best. Aside from his ability to teach taxation in a very understandable but comprehensive way, he is very inspiring and had a good sense of humor. You will truly enjoy learning the principles and concepts taught in taxation-- which I consider (and most of you probably) a very technical and boring subject to learn. 

One day of his lecture is not enough for me to be satisfied with his inspiring words about becoming a CPA, mind-opening knowledge about different things ranging from religion up to science, and very comprehensive ways of teaching the difficult rules and laws we need to remember in order to pass the subject.

Presented on this post are the recordings of his discussion. The first part of his session presents his introductory talk which are mostly inspirational and mind setting. The rest are discussions related to basic principles in taxation and estate tax.

*Author's Note: These materials are intended solely for review and academic use specifically published to help aspiring CPA Reviewees and accountancy students prepare for the Philippine Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Examinations. Copying and distributing such materials are considered violations of the copyright law and may result to legal proceedings.

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  1. The links for PRTC audio, is it not working anymore? :( Or only in mobile?


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