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Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Inspiring Speech from Mr. Edmond Emperio, 9th Placer of the May 2012 CPA Board Examinations

I am a simple person with big dreams, and when I dream, I dream to the fullest.

To the VP-Religious Affairs, Rev. Fr. Emilio Jaruda Jr., OAR, VP-Administration, Rev. Fr. Lauro V. Larlar, OAR, the College of Commerce Dean, Dr. Edgar R. Detoya, CPA, the Accountancy Department Chairman, Mr. Neil Raymond Saltrero, CPA, the faculty of the Accountancy Department, new CPAs, future CPAs, friends, ladies and gentlemen, maayong gabie kanatong tanan.

It has been 1 year, 11 months and 16 days when Atty. Floren Canete, CPA pressured me to top the board exam. We were seatmates at that time during the Tribute to the New CPAs here at the CfPA when Ms. Gecel Codera, CPA, Mr. Nino Martin Juntong, CPA, and Mr. Mark Solatorio, CPA topped the May 2010 CPA Licensure Examinations. I can barely remember her words to me when she said, "Edmond, pag top sa board exam ha kay bright baya ka" and I replied, "Sige Ma'am, i-try nako." Those simple words from her made me think to becoming what she wants me to be. Then I said to myself, "Yes, I will be a topnotcher."

On my journey towards becoming a topnotcher was not easy for me, nor it was hard, it was difficult. I said to myself, "I would only take the board exam once, so why not make it to the fullest." I decided to review in Manila, far away from my family and friends. I knew that my decision to review there would entail consequences. I had to adjust to its environment-- its very hot weather, its dusty streets, and the Tagalog people. You need to be very patient when you experience heavy traffic while wiping drops of your sweat. I need to save enough money to compensate all the expenses needed for my review. Thank God, the Cebu Provincial Government has given me a reward for graduating with honors last October as I am a provincial scholar. But it was not enough. I had to study hard for me to top the preboard examinations in order to get cash prizes given to those who had performed well in the exams. Destiny is really good when I had the chance to be a scholar of an auditing firm because of my performance in the Preboard Examinations and has given me cash reward as their scholar. I had to study longer hours during my review life. Since my review schedule was on Saturdays and Sundays, I had to study at least 8 hours during weekdays, everyday. I had experienced the true meaning of discipline and hardwork in those moments.

With those consequences and sacrifices, I can say that I have conquered them all. With modesty aside, I am now a CPA Board topnotcher!

Sometimes we wish we were young, we wish we were somewhere, we wish we had something. But sometimes, we wish many things that we forget to take pleasure in who we are, where we are and what we have. The secret of true happiness is to appreciate everything that happens in our life.

Do you know that happiness is between too little and too much. Having just enough wealth to meet your needs, enough failure to learn how to work hard to attain success, enough blessings to know how God loves you and enough problems so you don't forget Him and enough weakness for you to gain strength. Remember, what you are is God's gift to you, but what you become is your gift to God.

Every morning that we wake up, God gives us another chance to be a better individual. Another chance to forget the pains of yesterday and see what tomorrow brings. Let us not dwell on the scars of the past because life is not meant to be lived backwards. Life is a mystery and that includes the mystery of moving on and on and on. Remember that in every path we take, God is always there to make a way, and when things seem so difficult, He will work on ways we cannot see. Nothing is impossible if we just believe.

Time runs so fast, new CPAs. It was five years ago when we were strangers with each other. We had to adopt and understand different attitudes and character. We were ordinary students filled with simple dreams at that time and what we will become in the future is still uncertain. It was one of those times when we have to dream more, believe more and study more. It was the beginning of a long battle that we have to bring enough and the right weapons for us to survive. As time passed by, those strange faces we met became our dearest friends, those faces become cheerers that pushes us on top when we feel down, generate strength in us when we were weak and give us something when we have nothing. Let us thank them for without their presence, life would be less meaningful. To my friends, you know who you are, thank you very much.

I've had the best memories during my college years. My time was divided between studying and my beloved JPIA. I was given the task to lead my batch during 1st year and 2nd year when I was their Division President. I was elected Central Body Officer for two consecutive terms during 3rd year and 4th year and from those times I experienced great happiness with the people around me. I feel that I am not alone. That there are people who are willing to accept you and understand you despite your differences in life. To my JPIA family and to the CBOs, (brian, shierly, andoi, jovelyn, bonito, nabz, angel, tham, jerald, emman, lexli, sean jp, johnel, ayi, jill, lyndon, and quidz), please accept my "thank you" to all of you.

To our dearest mentors, my first accounting teacher and my favorite, Ma'am Ocariza, Sir Peter, Dr. Detoya, Sir Martinez, Ms. Uy, Atty. Rama, Mrs. Janulgue, Atty. Velez, Sir Rosales, Atty. Canete, Sir Padul, Dr. Dinopol, Atty. Chiu, Sir Glabog, ever dearest Dr. Digao, Sir Saletrero, Atty. Niere, Sir Flores, Sir Mark Solatorio, Sir Noe, Atty. Baruc, and to the rest of the mentors, thank you for sharing your wisdom to your students and continue to be the instruments for the fulfillment of what we aim in life. Thank you for making us CPAs.

To my co-Manila reviewees, joan, I won't forget when you collapsed inside the Quiapo Church, kae, I can still remember when a girl beggar said to you, "ang damot damot nyo naman", glaiza, remember the petron exprience? Sandra, ang aking sandalan sa review center, Darren for his generosity and to Jerome, I had a great time with you guys during our 7 month struggle. Thank you all.

To all accountancy students who are here especially the integrated class, if you want to become a topnotcher, set it and work hard for it. Keep on dreaming. Aim what you want in life. Develop the attitude of hardwork, discipline and believing. If you fall, stand up and move on. Do not dwell on pressures. Dwell on becoming a better you. And when you feel weak, always ask for God's strength and guidance. God bless to all of you.

New CPAs, before the licensure examinations, we said: "And now the end is near and so we face the final curtain".. During the exam week, we acclaimed: "Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. The future is not ours to see." And finally, when we become CPAs, we now have the courage to say: "We are the champions my friend and we will keep on fighting until the end." We have conquered all the hardships, shortcomings, and failures. All the hardwork and prayers we offered are all coming back to us now. Kunin na nila ang lahat sa atin wag lang ang pagiging CPA natin. We all worked hard for this title and we deserve what we achieved. The CPA title is just the beginning of a life-long journey that awaits us. The door is now open for the challenges that we will face and the opportunities that we will receive. My warmest congratulations!

Being a CPA does not only mean being a Certified Public Accountant. It has a deeper meaning... Christ, Prayers, Action. Let us put the Lord Jesus Christ in the center of our beliefs and offer everything we do to Him. He will always there for us. Always say a prayer in everything we do. There is nothing more than a sincere prayer to God. In our future undertakings, make actions as we slowly grab what we want in life. As professional accountants, let us not rely on pure luck or on other people's actions. Let us start acting by ourselves.

As believers, in every morning that you wake up, just ask God for BMW, BMW, BMW: bless my work, bless my wisdom, be my way.

To all of us, may we all have a good journey filled with many reasons to smile and celebrate.

Josenians, Adelante!

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