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Friday, December 16, 2011

Preparing for the CPA Board Exams

1. Secure copies of the CPA Examination Syllabi for all the seven (7) board subjects.
2. Make an initial self-assessment based on the CPA examination syllabi (Ascertain whether you have already covered all the topics in the syllabi)
3. Secure at least one review book for every subject.
4. Prepare a monthly, weekly and daily study schedule based on the coverage of each subject.
5. Set the daily schedule based on your body rhythms/body clock.
6. Make use of the travel time and breaks.
7. Mark the complicated/difficult questions. A summary of these questions (for each subject may be prepared. Browse over some of these questions before going to bed.
8. Eat with moderation, and allow time for exercise.
9. Fix broken relationships. Learn to forgive and forget.
10. Pray, pray, pray!


  1. Great tips. I hope this could help everyone who are planning to take the board exam.


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