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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Humility is a qualitative ingredient to becoming a CPA

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 “Although I thought that there is a chance that I would top the exam, I never expected that I will be the 2nd placer,” Antonio said in an interview.

He also believes that preparing for the board exam was one of the hardest yet the most fulfilling part of his journey. He was a Recoletos Educational Assistance for Deserving Students (READS) scholar and he had to juggle between his studies and duty hours. “I have to juggle with the uncertainties and worries that keep on rushing in my mind. The thought of failing and fear of not being able to do my best were the main obstacles that I encountered in keeping myself focused for the actual examination. During my review for the actual board exam I came to know myself better. There were a lot of hardships I stumbled along the way and many mistakes that I had done.”

However, those hardships didn’t hinder him. He also believed that topping the board exam is just an icing on the cake. He further added that those experiences that he had were more important to him than passing and topping the board exam.

Also according to him, there is no such thing as “the best school” when it comes to educating students.
“Every school has its own unique characteristics. Although I’ve never been enrolled to other tertiary schools, I believe that Cebu’s accounting schools can very much compete with other elite accounting schools in our country today.”

He also encountered a lot of people who inspired and helped him before and during his CPA examinations. He thanked his parents and siblings who were there for him. He is thankful to the Accounting Office-VP Finance, EDP READS and to his superiors and teachers.

And as a message of inspiration, Antonio leaves you this: “To the aspiring CPAs learn to forgive yourself and be humble always; the first step to mastery is to realize that you know nothing and next is trying your best to change nothing to everything. Do not worry if you think you still have little knowledge, for you don’t need to know all details and concepts at all, instead you only need to know the basic of everything. Becoming a CPA is like a race, it doesn’t matter on how you started, what matters most is on how you gonna finish it.”

Source: Forward Magazine-- The Official Student Publication of the University of San Jose-Recoletos

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