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Friday, December 16, 2011

Conquering the CPA Board Exam: Some Useful Tips to Consider

"Imagination is the soil that brings a dream to life." -- John Maxwell (New York Times Bestselling Author)

Exam Tips

1. Visualize yourself as a CPA-- BELIEVE that you can achieve your goal!

2. Use study materials that are no older than six months.

3. Complete your CPA exam application at least six months in advance of the date you plan to sit.

4. Establish a visible and accessible place to study. Make it convenient for yourself. Study whenever you have a free moment.

5. Take some time to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Admit that you are not perfect.

6. Work to correct as many weaknesses as possible.

7. Answer all multiple-choice questions. The exam is positively graded. There is no penalty for guessing.

8. Your communication response must be on topic. Address the concept, not just state the concept. Clearly identify a thesis statement. Develop and support main ideas. Avoid the use of fragments, bullet-points, numbered lists, and run-on sentences. Use spell-check and proofread.

9. Don’t grade yourself. Leave the grading to the professionals. Move from question to question, focusing on each new question. Leave the previous questions behind. Each question deserves your utmost attention.

10. Don’t expect to reach perfection. Being perfect is not a requirement to pass the CPA exam.

11. Work to correct what you can. Continue to believe in yourself.

12. To help you remember important information, tape the examples to your bathroom mirror.

13. Each day, review the information as you brush your teeth. Don’t waste a minute of time.

14. Passing the exam is your goal. Don’t expect your family, friends, and coworkers to support you 100%. Treasure the support you receive. Don’t be a complainer – complaining won’t help you learn.

15. Don’t make excuses for why you have not met your study goals. Stop talking and get studying!

16. Don’t expect to reach perfection. Being perfect is not a requirement to pass the CPA exam. Work to correct what you can. Continue to believe in yourself.

17. Allow more time to prepare for AUDIT than to prepare for REG or BEC. It’s the longest CPA exam section.

18. Take the financial accounting and reporting section as soon as you can after your college graduation. If you don’t use the material everyday, you may lose it. Use it or risk losing it!

19. Remain calm, no matter what happens. Anger, frustration, and disgust only lead to despair.

20. Smile, work hard, and give each question the “old college try.” Continue to believe in your abilities.

21. Use only the agreed upon allocated time. Spending additional time on a testlet could result in a greater loss of points – you can’t pass and leave a testlet blank.

22. Failure is only a bump in the road – a hurdle that must be cleared. Establish a plan and move on. We have all failed at something in our lives. We will be measured at how we regroup to meet our goal.

23. When you become a CPA, use your skills to make a difference in the world. Act ethically in all you do. Be a role model for others to see.


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