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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

101 Things to do to pass the CPA Board Exams (and put the suffix CPA after your name)


  1. Ask God for help.
  2. Believe in yourself.
  3. Believe you can pass the CPA Board Exams.
  4. Get ready for some sacrifices in the review.
  5. Build self-confidence over time.
  6. Get your school documentations ready.
  7. Register early at PRC.
  8. Enroll in a formal review or be serious in a non-formal review.
  9. Do your self-study sessions on time.
  10. Do practice tests as much as you can.
  11. Watch your diet.
  12. Exercise regularly.
  13. Take your vitamins daily.
  14. Find a study area in the house.
  15. Make your study area holy.
  16. Organize your review materials.
  17. Get updated review materials.
  18. Connect with positive-thinking friends.
  19. Accept help from someone.
  20. Avoid fights for the meantime.
  21. Stay away from distractions.
  22. Stay away from malls or out-of-town trips except to relax.
  23. Stay away from time-wasting friends.
  24. Ask your lover or spouse to give you space.
  25. Talk to friends and relatives about your quest.
  26. Announce to the world that you will be a CPA soon.
  27. Keep your promises.
  28. Think big and positive.
  29. Mingle with like-minded individuals.
  30. Look for a review buddy.
  31. Exchange notes with other reviewees.
  32. Be courageous to ask questions even if it sounds silly.
  33. Study the hardest first going to the easiest topics.
  34. Allocate time to review.
  35. Make for more time to review when required.
  36. Bring a book where ever you may be.
  37. Record yourself to an Ipod or recorder to memorize.
  38. Read a book when you have idle time.
  39. Find time to relax.
  40. Sleep just about right.
  41. Never underestimate yourself.
  42. Don’t try to skip review sessions. (self-study)
  43. Try not to miss you review classes (formal review)
  44. Do things now than later.
  45. Chew up your study one small chunk at a time.
  46. Learn to read fast with high level of comprehension.
  47. Memorize using your own acronyms.
  48. Buy the best calculator for the exams.
  49. Reward yourself when you finish a task.
  50. Realize that learning new things is not that easy.
  51. Do not be discouraged if you don’t understand things at first try.
  52. Make a detailed study plan.
  53. Stick to the study plan schedules.
  54. Mind your own business.
  55. Give yourself a break from time to time.
  56. Motivate yourself to the max.
  57. Don’t get yourself be swamped by biting more than you can chew.
  58. Judge youself by achieving your goals.
  59. Be proud of and thank your family who is with you in this endeavor.
  60. Forget about past failures.
  61. Don’t judge yourself by your grades in school.
  62. Reward yourself if you succeeded to learn something new.
  63. Recognize mental fatigue when it sets in.
  64. Know when to stop studying.
  65. Know when is the time you study best.
  66. Know how to relax while studying.
  67. Set realistic study goals for yourself.
  68. Check off the goals you fulfilled and reward yourself accordingly.
  69. Know the senses through which you learn best and use them.
  70. Discover your learnings strenghts and use them.
  71. Don’t feel stupid if you ask for help.
  72. Find out why you find it hard to learn some topics.
  73. Find a new way of solving problems.
  74. Practice using mental calculations.
  75. Find your best way to concentrate.
  76. Be courageous even when others are afraid.
  77. Give other people hope and inspiration.
  78. Share your learnings and become a teacher to others.
  79. Avoid griping and complaining.
  80. Learn to detect trick questions.
  81. Answer easy questions first.
  82. When in doubt, stick to your first answer.
  83. Read aloud something you particularly want to remember.
  84. Tape record those topics that you are weak and play it over and over until you master it.
  85. If you are attending formal review classes, do group study with peers.
  86. Avoid multi-tasking and keep focused.
  87. Realize you may need to learn more.
  88. Be willing to accept new information.
  89. Write notes so you can read them later.
  90. Don’t put off studying.  Just do it.
  91. Say no to time-consuming request from others.
  92. Write your goal on the wall where you study.
  93. Don’t let your emotions prevent you from learning.
  94. Make it a habit to be aware of the time.
  95. Answer fast so you can review your answers later.
  96. Honor your parents for giving you what you have now.
  97. Hold your head up even when you feel down and exhausted.
  98. When you feel like quitting, remind yourself that you are almost there.
  99. Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.
  100. Stay humble no matter what happens.
  101. And lastly, promise to give back to those who will follow you.  Promise to yourself that if you succeed in this challenge, you will help other people as well become a CPA by mentoring at least one reviewee.  When you give, more will be given unto you.


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  2. thank you,,, it's helping,,, God bless :)

  3. Thanks for the tips and encouragement..God bless..

  4. hehehe..i print it..and paste to my wall... :) hehehe i wish it could help.. >_< ^_^


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